Meet Vince

Hi! My name is Vince.

This is the part where I try to present myself to you, the presumably interested web-visitor, without sounding cheesy, awkward, or painfully boring. Let’s see how I do.

First of all, I guess it’s important to know that beyond being a wedding photographer, I’m pretty much just a normal guy. A guy who obsesses over Nikon announcements and tries to stop seeing the rule of thirds and exposure settings when he is living his life day by day. I love what I do, but I ended up here kind of accidentally.  I know a lot of other photographers start their story with the [insert hipster antique camera model] they received at their 3-year-old birthday party, but it didn’t go that way for me. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve always been into image-making, but as a child, teenager -and yes, adult- spent most of my time doodling. I even spent 4 years at the University of Ottawa obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts and learning how to be an artist. But I studied painting – not photography. Somehow, along the way, I started taking more and more pictures, did a wedding here and there, and next thing I knew…I kind of liked it.
Not that this is my sole passion or occupation. I’m actually a teacher. That’s right, the kind that stands in front of a class and tries to bring 20-30 minions to heel every day. And when I look over the things I love to do, there’s a common theme: I love to learn new things. I’ve been through a semi-obsessive piano phase, a snowboarding phase, a rock climbing phase, a stamp collecting phase…OK, the last one isn’t true. But I do have an unmanageable amount of things I want to spend my time doing. And somehow, it seems I most often end up behind the lens or staring at my computer editing photos. So here I am.
Wedding photography for me used to be a lot about the photography. Now it seems to be more about the wedding. About you, in fact. That’s what has kept me in the business. Not to boast about my job, but I’ve met and befriended so many great “clients” (quote-unquote because I don’t think of them as clients anymore!) over the past few years. A wedding is a special day on so many levels – so much investment of time and money, planning and stress, not to mention all the family and friends that are there to share the moments. And then there’s me – and I get to spend more time with the bride and groom than anyone else! It’s a day of tears and laughter, and I feed off that energy. I’m excited about the details and decisions, and the mementos I’ve been tasked with creating. And occasionally I geek out and get pretty excited about the light, the backgrounds, and the weather as well.
It doesn’t feel like so long ago since I was gearing up for my big day. You see the cute girl in the slideshow above? That’s my wife, Ciela. She’s a teacher too. She’s my best critic and the main reason I think weddings are so awesome. Anyways, that’s enough about me: I want to know about you. Maybe it’s time to head over to the contact page…