How I Work




My Philosophy

In my photography, I am going for the story. The story of your day. That means sneaking around like a ninja during the reception covering the angles while staying out of the way. But it also means posing your families for those Christmas card photos and getting pictures of you with your wedding party and your friends. At all cost, I avoid the overly posed and cheesy, but I know how to get in there and set up shots. I know from experience that each wedding presents its own opportunities and challenges, and that each couple has their own stylistic preferences. I try to provide photos that not only cover the events and capture the details, but also convey the whole mood of the day. I believe that in order to do this properly, the couple and the photographer must form a healthy dynamic and share in the process. For this reason, I am comfortable directing, posing, and setting up shots – but I am also able to take a step back and capture the action. But really – you want to know my style? Head over to my portfolio.

How I Work:

  • First we meet! It’s important for us to get to know each other a bit since we will be working together on creating unforgettable images of a special day. The preliminary meeting allows you to ask me questions about how I work, and allows me to get a better idea of what you would like to see in the photos.
  • The morning of the wedding, I capture details and preparation events with the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, or both.
  • I take pictures of the ceremony, highlighting important guests and special moments.
  • If required, I take family photos either immediately after the ceremony, or before the reception.
  • I usually take the wedding party and the couple to another location for a private photoshoot. It is best to leave 2 hours for this part of the day.
  • I capture the details and moments from the reception and any events following this before calling it a day.
  • I offer different amounts of coverage depending on your needs and the schedule of your day. Once I have captured the images, I carefully organize them and select from them to provide the best “cut”. I use the latest digital software to correct, enhance, and creatively manipulate the photos.
  • I’m as anxious for you to see the photos as you are! I try to have photos back to my clients shortly after the wedding – usually about 2-3 weeks!

What I Provide:

  • I meet with my clients to get a feel for what to expect on the big day and to share my knowledge and experience of the industry in any way that may be helpful to them.
  • I give my clients my undivided attention and expertise during their wedding day to ensure the best possible photos. I stay relaxed and collected, and help however I can.
  • I give my clients a USB with high-resolution images of the day which can be used for printing the photos and showing them to others.
  • With some packages, I provide a range of high-quality albums which are the best way to keep the memories and share them with others.
  • If desired, I can provide archival-quality prints up to 13×19.

Why I Charge What I Do:

As an artist, pricing your work is always tricky. Conversely, when shopping for wedding photography, it can be difficult to understand why photographers charge so much and whether it will be worth spending the money. My prices are based on:
  • Workload: I put in a grueling work day, then spend time carefully crafting your images before delivering them to you.
  • Education: I have a University degree in Visual arts and experience in the field.
  • Expertise: I have shot a variety of weddings over the past 7 years and encountered and responded to many situations – I feel very comfortable with what I do.
  • Equipment: I shoot with professional-grade Nikon cameras and lenses.
  • Professionalism: I display strong work ethic and professional attitude towards my work. I have backup equipment in case of failure, and will always go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your photos.